The Cosmic Ocean – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Sailing the Night Sky

Literacy in Our Shared Humanity (the human condition and why we play games, our unique human throwing ability, the appeal of video games and sports, competition and cooperation, our human search for transcendence, the benefits and dark-side of technology, choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, choosing the easy path causes most of the injustice in the world, the importance of challenge for human development, understanding effective communication)

Literacy in the Art of Waging Peace (why ideas can be imprisoned but not killed, insights for imprisoning the systems that sustain war, injustice, and environmental destruction, how increasing the clarity of communication can help us wage peace)

Literacy in the Nature of Reality (how the tendency to take the easy path can be seen not only in humans, but also in the natural world)

Literacy in Our Responsibility to Creation (gaining a deeper understanding of environmental destruction with a metaphor of Heracles, understanding how our war with nature causes us to war with ourselves)

Keywords: environment, human condition, nonviolence, sports, transcendence, truth, video games, waging peace, war

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