The Cosmic Ocean – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Poseidon’s Wrath

Literacy in Our Shared Humanity (the human condition and our need for explanations, humans as “freaks of the universe” who can feel outcast from nature, the struggle of being human, the reasons for animal sacrifice, the origins of religion and science, understanding superstition in life, war, and baseball, justifications for slavery and racism, humanity’s ability to choose)

Literacy in the Art of Living (the importance of increasing our empathy for our ancestors so that we better understand our modern struggles, gaining understanding through empathy)

Literacy in the Art of Waging Peace (waging peace requires truth and hard work, using truth to resist propaganda and manipulation)

Literacy in the Nature of Reality (seeing nature realistically rather than romanticizing nature, the challenges of living in an agricultural civilization, understanding the threats to our survival)

Literacy in Our Responsibility to Creation (using our human powers to protect our environment)

Keywords: empathy, environment, human condition, nonviolence, propaganda and manipulation, racism, religion, science, slavery, truth, waging peace

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The Cosmic Ocean – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Sanity of Humanity

Literacy in Our Shared Humanity (the human condition and the agony within us, transforming trauma into a teacher, what mythology and video games can teach us about trauma, the path to inner-healing, cultivating radical empathy, the power of truth, the commodification of life, positive and negative racial stereotypes, the causes of low self-worth, ways to praise and motivate people in leadership or parenting situations, what we can learn from the intersection between science, religion, and philosophy, understanding our human cravings)

Literacy in the Art of Living (coming to terms with trauma, the path to inner-healing)

Literacy in the Art of Listening (understanding our human craving for purpose, meaning, belonging, self-worth, etc. so that we can listen to people’s needs on a deeper level)

Keywords: belonging, empathy, human condition, leadership, martial arts philosophy, religion, science, self-worth, trauma, truth, unconditional love, video games

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