Peaceful Revolution – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Muscle of Discipline

Literacy in Our Shared Humanity (the pain of rage, violence as a form of expression, how suffering can be a curse and a blessing, how rage can short-circuit conscience, empathy, and reason, what martial arts and Sun Tzu teach us about the power of discipline and the danger of losing our temper, how self-control improves cooperation, how discipline promotes action and ethical behavior)

Literacy in the Art of Living (how discipline helps us succeed in any endeavor, the benefits of self-control and inner-freedom, how short-term sacrifices can produce long-term rewards, the importance of discipline for leadership, resisting temptation)

Literacy in the Art of Waging Peace (why waging peace requires discipline, how self-control can help us solve our national and global problems, a disciplined approach to peacemaking)

Keywords: discipline, empathy, human condition, leadership, martial arts philosophy, nonviolence, rage, trauma, waging peace