Peaceful Revolution – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Muscle of Appreciation

Literacy in Our Shared Humanity (how appreciation enables happiness, how appreciation creates the foundation for stewardship, how humility is a vein in the muscle of appreciation, how appreciation promotes action and ethical behavior)

Literacy in the Art of Living (how to broaden our perspective on life, how broadening our perspective on life can increase our appreciation and joy, reasons to be grateful that we often take for granted, how appreciation improves our daily lives)

Literacy in the Art of Waging Peace (how appreciation and a sense of stewardship can motivate us to wage peace, never taking for granted the progress that has happened, committing ourselves to continuing this progress)

Literacy in the Nature of Reality (how appreciation allows us to recognize how little we are entitled to when reality is concerned)

Literacy in Our Responsibility to Creation (how appreciation creates a strong psychological foundation for protecting our planet)

Keywords: appreciation, environment, human condition, nonviolence, progress, waging peace